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After finishing her diploma in French patisserie Pooja travelled extensively across India to satisfy her food curiosity : where exactly all these amazing tasting ingredients come from? how are they grown? who grows them?

On this journey Pooja came across lots of ingredients which she dint knew grew in India and are indigenous to our land. She was just used to hearing French with lavender, Belgium with chocolate, California with almonds. After studying permaculture her connection with local foods grew even deeper and she wanted to bring all the deliciousness she discovered in small pockets of India to the mainstream food market. Mountain Muse is Pooja’s way of sharing her travel stories, through a language that she understands the most, the language of food! 

Mountain muse is a pantry essentials brand on a mission to get back the lost limelight on Heirloom Indian ingredients and preserve the food biodiversity of India through our easy to use products.

We work directly with small scale farmers & co-operatives who use indigenous, sustainable farming practices to give us gorgeous produce that is good for your health as well our planet’s.

All our products are made with either certified organic or naturally grown Ingredients. We have taken extra care while developing all the recipes to make sure no refined ingredient is used. YES! All our products are free of refined white sugar, palm oil, hydrogenated vegetable fats, preservatives & artificial flavours. Absolutely no nasties.

Our Founder

Chef Pooja Masurkar

A professional chef whose passion for travel was stoked by the possibility of discovering new produce, exotic ingredients, heirloom strains and the process of planting, nurturing, and harvesting.

She runs an online baking school @poojamasurkar and is a professionally trained pastry chef whose life mission is re-imagining classic French baking into #vegan #glutenfree and #healthyfoods."

Founder, Mountain Muse