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Mamra almond chocolate spread

Mamra almond chocolate spread

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This healthy and natural spread is a combination of everything gorgeous. Mamra Almonds, an heirloom variety that thrives in Kashmir has been paired with a single origin, dark chocolate from Kerala. Blended together in carefully measured proportions of nut & chocolate and sweetened with coconut jaggery from Goa, that lends a mild taste of caramel and after tones of coconut. No stabilizers or any emulsifiers, yet the silky mouthfeel and spreading consistency is enabled through a careful addition of natural ingredients and classic chocolate tempering techniques. Oh! We forgot to mention, it's small batch and produced in a stone grinder.

Net Weight - 190 g


Mamra almonds, dark coconut jaggery, khandsari sugar, raw cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, pink salt.

Shelf Life

9 months at room temperature.


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