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Shade dried Kashmir Lavender

Shade dried Kashmir Lavender

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Lavandula Angustifolia . The atom bomb of all aromatics- just a small pinch is enough to engulf a room with its unmistakable floral, sweet and herbal bouquet . Traditionally it's the English or the French lavender that takes the spotlight ( how typical) but a little known secret lies right in our backyard. Kashmir has been cultivating lavender for decades, and you know what? It's just amazing . Grown at a higher altitude, fed by innumerable fresh water springs and rooted in the nurturing Himalayas, our lavender is higher in Linalool (the compound responsible for the soothing properties) and lower in Camphor (the compound responsible for a not so nice odour) and has consistently been competing with the best in the world (obviously) . Best used as an infusion before bedtime, in desserts etc but essentially its uses are only limited by your imagination.

Weight- 15 gms


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12 months in air tight


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