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Mountain Muse

Wild Capers

Wild Capers

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Ladakh is clearly a land of many surprises. But this was something, even we weren't prepared for . An ingredient that is central to Mediterranean cuisine, an exotic that is rarely found in India, grows wild in the harsh and surreal landscape of Ladakh . Capparis Spinosa or commonly called Capers, is a delicate ingredient that is traditionally used in salads, pastas, pizza's and the classic Tartar sauce. We love having it with our sandwiches & curd rice too! Available in limited quantities, our Capers are 100% foraged from speci fic areas that we have found through our many years of travel through this region. A taste bomb that encapsulates the enigma of Ladakh within a small flower bud .

Net Weight: 90g


wild capers, sea salt

Shelf Life

1 year at room temperature


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