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Mountain Muse

Wild Nettle & Mamra Almond Pesto

Wild Nettle & Mamra Almond Pesto

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ONLY available in stores in GOA Combining the best of Himalayan produce into a superfood spread that brings a smile to the Vegan world. Finally a classic basil Pesto, that is Vegan, yet has the necessary flavour (of cheese) and an addition of elements that make this not just a brilliant rendition of an Italian classic, but a pesto that stands in a class of its own. Sunflower seeds from Uttarakhand and Mamra almonds from Kashmir form the nutty base that is blended with stinging Nettle from Himachal Pradesh. Splash in the extra virgin olive oil, a measure of basil and some choice condiments that come together to create this delightful, superfood Pesto.

175 gms


wild nettle, basil, mamra almonds, hemp hearts, pink salt, virgin olive oil, cold pressed sunflower oil, garlic powder, black pepper, nutritional yeast, citric acid

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